キングジム様 SHOT DOCSアプリ

キングジム様 SHOT DOCSアプリ


  • Client
    King Jim Co., Ltd.
  • Production Range
    Application development, system coding, maintenance and operation.
If you use SHOT DOCS (shot docks), the application shoots automatically. I confirmed the imported image with a smartphone. You can share it by cloud service or e-mail.
This application is the official application of King Jim to make use of "SHOT DOCS" series.

Laboratory development of Vitalfini Asia has strengths in development specialized in recognition technology, and in developing smartphone applications, we focused on geometric correction technology and repeatedly conducted research and development, which led to the release of services.


キングジム様 SHOT DOCSアプリ
キングジム様 SHOT DOCSアプリ
キングジム様 SHOT DOCSアプリ
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