Edge Strength of Vitalify Asia



Smartphone application
developing specialist

As an expert in developing smartphone applications, Vitalify Asia has been taking part in the development of various applications, with the achievements of more than 200 applications; many among them have exceeded more than 1,000,000 downloads. With such achievements, Vitalify Asia has been trusted by numerous customers.



Greedy for "Entertaining people"
Expert in developing applications that can bring up entertainment

Vitalify Asia has developed a great variety of applications, especially those that can entertain the consumers. Vitalify Asia also researches and develops SNS, E-book, Map, VR/AR, wearables, image recognition/correction, etc. using the latest and unique technologies.



The professional staff
who all can work stoically

Vitalify Asia is currently employing 80 Vietnamese staff whose salaries are completely assessed based on their performance. Each of the employees has always been well aware that they are professionals, and worked hard to maintain and improve the quality of their products.



Keep being in the frontline of offshore development in Vietnam
since the establishment in 2008

Making its first step in Vietnam in 2008, Vitalify Asia has developed applications since the early days of smartphones, endeavored to make technological innovations. Apart from application development, Vitalify Asia has also developed offshore laboratories and large-scale Web systems, supported plenties of enterprises who start their businesses up in Vietnam, and made sales support for Vietnam market. With wide-range response capabilities, Vitalify Asia has been able to satisfy customers' demands and requests.

Vitalify Asia Co., Ltd.